Announcement regarding unsuccessful public offering of shares of “SIN CARS INDUSTRY” AD

The minimum threshold of 2,500,000 shares stated in the Admission Document was not reached at the public offering of shares held in the period 28.10.2022 – 3.11.2022. Therefore, the offering of shares of “SIN CARS INDUSTRY” AD (SIN2) ended unsuccessfully. This Announcement is considered an official announcement under Art. 89m of the Civil Code, in connection with Art. 58 of the Rules of “Central Depository” AD, and the same was sent to “Central Depository” AD, the bank that opened the collection account, as well as it was published on the Internet site of IP “YUG Market” AD and “MAINE Capital” AD.

SUG Market AD is working to recover investors’ funds through the systems of the Central Depository in the shortest possible time. The team of “SIN CARS INDUSTRY” AD and “MAINE Capital” AD express their gratitude to the investors who showed interest in the public offering of the company.