Become a Partner

Success is based on people working together in a partnership. People who are passionate about what they do and who’s passion is reflected in the products and the brand. An achievement like this is not possible alone.

We collaborate at a local, national and international level. We offer custom partnership proposals- the perfect way to suit your business. Becoming our partner will allow us to grow your brand as we grow ours, to build a positive image, reach new markets, create business connections and find customers. Success can only be built by teamwork.

Motorsport is a great way to promote your brand, having a loyal, passionate and massive fan base worldwide. Your brand will have the chance to be in articles, magazines, interviews featuring race drivers, videos, television channels, news, festivals, motor shows, social media, promotional materials and so on. This is an opportunity for any business that is looking to expand its costumer base and make its brand recognizable worldwide.
Should you like to join our automotive activities in the production of the road legal Sin, we would be happy to discuss it directly with you. When you partner with us, we help you identify opportunities to retain and grow your customer base and increase profits.

We also can become your partner regarding dealerships, parts and accessories. Our business activities allow us to deal and distribute aftermarket parts and accessories in the Bulgarian market.

Our Partners

Prista Oil Group is engaged in the production and marketing of motor and industrial oils, greases and special liquids – an activity developed entirely by Prista Oil Holding and its international subsidiaries. Prista Oil Holding is one of the leading Bulgarian companies operating in more than 45 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa.
The production facilities of Prista Oil are built and developed in accordance with the most modern and innovative technologies. The wide range of products is the result of a combination of own research and development with excellent collaboration with world leaders in the petroleum and chemical industry.


Proformance Metals – specialist metals and plastics have over 25 years experience in the metals and plastics industry. Their vast stocks cater for many industries such as: Motorsport, Defence, Aerospace, Niche vehicle, Precision engineering, Fabrication, Film production.
Their expert knowledge in material grades and their properties enables them to assist you with your design and production process. The network of manufacturing facilities and distribution centres worldwide enables them to manufacture, stock and supply a large range of exotic, commercial and aerospace specification raw materials. Their manufacturing facilities can produce a wide range of specialist profiles alongside tubular products on small quantity production bespoke to your requirements.


ElectrostartElectrostart is a world leader, stable and innovative manufacturer for lighting components.

Electrostart JSCo is the sole Bulgarian manufacturer of magnetic and electronic ballasts, transformers, pulse ignitors and LED drivers for the lighting industry. Established in 1967 in the city of Varshets now the company is among the leading 4 manufacturing companies of magnetic ballasts in Europe.
Electrostart implements over 96% of its production outside Bulgaria, and the trademark is registered in the European Union and in many countries of the Middle East, North Africa and South America. The company is presented on the markets of more than 45 countries in the world, located on four continents.
Electrostart is among the most stable employers in northwestern Bulgaria, and in the last two years has been among the top three employers of Bulgaria in the “Industrial companies” with up to 250 people.


NetworxNetworx is a telecommunications operator of a new generation. With an extremely dynamic development and innovation Networx became a national telecom and established networks cover with more than 500 000 households. The company is very “User Friendly” oriented and is unique in the respect and personal attention to each client. Many services are unique not only in the country but also internationally. For customers are always looking for the best balance between quality and price, without compromising. All services of Networx are double and triple redundancy and provide through its own fiber optic network type FTTB / Fiber to the building / on which operates MAN network providing a guarantee for high-end telecommunications services – minimum time delays and interruptions.
The company’s portfolio offers internet, digital, HD and 3D TV, wireless internet services to corporate clients and others.


Work ProtectThe company was founded in 1994 with a scope of business – production of working and promotional clothing. Today, WORKPROTECT is a registered trademark, whose products are sold worldwide. Since the establishment of the company, it relied on the concept for production of individual products according to the needs and requirements of each customer. The use of new technologies in production and the strict quality control have built trust in their partners and represents the best indicator for success.