Road & Safety Project

Project for long-term solution of the issues with safety and road traffic habits in the EU and in Bulgaria as EU member state

The number of road victims in Europe per year exceeds the number of war victims in the world, which is a fact that speaks for itself that it is time to take immediate measures. In 2015 26.000 people lost their lives along EU roads, with Bulgaria being the member state with the highest death toll in Europe per million population. Last year an average of 99 people per million Bulgarians died in road accidents. Investments in young people and their education is a guaranteed means of changing these statistics if we now start to work on improving knowledge, skills and technical background of future drivers and pedestrians.

  1. Petja Warzel says:

    I.m born in Bulgaria but I live in Miami USA. Are you interested to produce cars in the USA? Here in Miami are excellent university such FIU, Miami Dade College and other.How much it would cost to build an assembly plant in the USA.
    Petja Warzel

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