L city

SIN CARS is a new and innovative enterprise. As such we create a new model for a vehicle that will serve those needs.
What is L City going to be like?
A multifunctional platform, that can be modified, based on the needs of each individual client. The control instruments of the vehicle, a steering wheel, pedals and even the seat will be easily replaceable with an electro-hydraulic system for handling and braking. Full automation of  the control elements will allow to upgrade the car into an autonomous one. The first stage will be to build the cars mainly for transport with a limit of two seats in categories L6-E and L7-E, which help an easy homologation and licensing for use in Europe. The maximum reachable speed could easily be regulated, without exceeding 70 km/h.

What are L CITY’S advantages?

  1. Easily modifiable platform: various engines, different body types, completely adjustable based on the client’s needs.
  2. Environment friendly – an electric vehicle – li-ion batteries, standard ones or any the client wishes. The batteries are planted at the base of the car. They could be combined differently and could give the car a maximum range of up to 600 km if needed.
  3. Recyclable friendly – entirely recyclable – steel bars and aluminum frame, completely free of amortization, external parts of the body of recyclable ABS plastics, glass, electromotor, batteries and a console.
  4. Low production costs, high quality. Much higher than the one from China.
  5. Low transport costs and possibility to build a modular type of the motor vehicle all around the globe.
  6. Highly optimized building process, allowing fast and effortless assembly of different versions while using same materials .
  7. The automobile could be used as a ‘self-drive’ a.k.a ‘drive by wire’. This type of technology replaces traditional systems of analog control with digital ones, using  electro-mechanic propulsions and an interface between the human and the machine, such as pedals and touch-sensitive control emulators. Components like a steering column, shafts, pumps, hoses, belts, cooling and vacuum amplifiers and main bottles are removed from the car. This is similar to the systems used hugely in the aviation industry.
  8. Solar panels, placed on the cars roof, could be used as a power source for the household if the vehicle is not used during the day. L City is going to be an inseparable part of the so-called “smart” energy independent homes of the future.

Model range

Multifunctional platform

2-seater open cargo

Closed cargo


Different lengths

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