SIN S1 is a revolutionary vehicle – a modular, a multi-functional, configurable, road or track car at an affordable price level.

For the road starting with S1 chassis, you can have different drive train options, different body designs and different interior options. You can have it on open cabriolet, or a fully equipped, closed coupe with air conditioning, power windows and a refined interior to suit the most demanding drivers.

Or, you can choose something in between. You decide the level of performance, the level of comfort and even your body style. Because of its modular design you can start with one body package choice and then later add different components to update your S1.

SIN S1 idea:

  • Modular, multifunctional vehicle
  • Different drive-train options
  • Different body design
  • Different interior options
  • Different engine options

For the track SIN S1 will represent with an exciting, new track day machine.

Either way road or track you choose your powertrain. There are gasoline engines up to 450 horsepower, a Hybrid, or fully electric.

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