Quality policy

The quality policy of the company “SIN CARS INDUSTRY” JSC, Ruse, is aimed at development and implementation, maintenance and improvement of activities leading to continuous improvement of the management system, in all its aspects, while ensuring high consistent quality of the offered products and services, corresponding to the client’s and normative requirements.

To implement this policy and achieve the set goals, the company has built, implemented and maintained a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of standard EN ISO 9001: 2015 with scope “Production of cars and vans (category M1 and N1) and spare parts for them ”.

The quality policy is subject to periodic review and update to maintain its adequacy and suitability for the company’s activities.

The management of the company is committed to the activities carried out in the implementation of its Quality Policy, to comply with legal and regulatory requirements, to meet the requirements of the client and external stakeholders and to continuously improve the efficiency of the system.

The management of the company strives to:

– continuously monitor and analyze the internal and external circumstances that affect the business;

– gain a strong position on the domestic and international market, in the implementation of the provided products and services reliably and competently, in compliance with the technical and contractual requirements, within the agreed deadlines and in an appropriate form;

– continuously satisfy the requirements and expectations of the clients, regarding the quality of the offered products and services;

– maintain an effective mechanism for market research and finding new customers;

– effectively communicate and maintain feedback with customers, suppliers and relevant legislative and executive bodies, in order to analyze, evaluate, continuously improve and maintain a working and effective quality management system;

– carry out timely and adequate corrective measures in order to avoid risks and use identified opportunities:

– continuously improve the technical base and infrastructure in order to improve working conditions;

– create and maintain a good working atmosphere, expressed in mutual trust and respect for joint efforts, while respecting the requirements for security of information used, occupational safety and environmental protection;

– The management of the company “SIN CARS INDUSTRY” JSC, Ruse, is responsible for disseminating, explaining and implementing the Quality Policy, as well as for taking all necessary measures to achieve full commitment of the employees in the company, its implementation and realization of the set goals within the set deadlines.

          City of Ruse                                                                                             Executive Director:

          Date: 01.10.2021                                                                                    (Rosen Daskalov)