Sin Cars Academy

We are a young enterprise and as such we know how difficult the beginning is, especially when you’re new at something you want to develop and grow. There are young people out there who want get experience in their specialty, to work in a team, to get introduced to the world of work and creation, but find it difficult to realize it.

We offer the possibility to kick start your professional career in our company. We accept motivated and ambitious young folks who are currently studying or have just finished their studies. There are several choices to be made for which domain you want take part in:

  • Marketing Department
  • Carbon fiber Department
  • Design Department
  • Molding Department

You will take part in the work alongside our professionals and the tasks you’ll be given will result in the company’s activity. In other words – this is not an internship where you just watch and do little to nothing. With us you will take part in the production, in the decision making.

Therefore, once you leave our establishment you’ll have learned the intricacies of your job. You’ll have seen what the results of your deeds will be. You will have met experts in different fields of the automotive industry and made valuable connections for your future projects.

Graduates of the Sin Cars Academy

Country: France

Studying: Key account and project management studies

University:  I.S.I.A.L.M Institut Supérieur d’Ingénierie d’Affaires Le Mans

Alexandre Bee

”I was intern in the Sin Cars Company in 2017.

Passionate about cars and race cars it was exciting to be in such a company during 3 and a half months (from April to August).

My aim is to become a Key account and Project manager in the motorsport area and it is the reason why I choose the Sin Cars company as internship.

In the company, my tasks were essentially in marketing and because the company is young, I had something interesting to do every time. I did also some design and manual tasks. I learnt the way to design a car at Sin Cars and the way to produce and build some parts from Carbon fibre. Most of the parts are handmade and the Sin R1 is amazing! (I enjoyed my little trip in the city of Ruse in the Sin R1 with Mr. Daskalov)

About my colleagues there were very friendly and open-minded with me. I felt good from the beginning. Efficient at work and multi-skilled they are also very motivated and they didn’t count their time at work! ”

Alexandre BÉE, 06/10/2017

Name: Lance Tijhuis

Country: The Netherlands

Studying: Automotive

University: HAN University of Applied Science

Name: Vikramjit Mattu

Country: India

Studying: Masters in Automotive Engineering

University: FH Joanneum, Graz(Austria)

Zahari Kolev

Name: Zahari Kolev

Country: France

Studying: Economics and Management

University: University of Lorraine, Nancy

”I want to use my last Activity Report to say goodbye to everyone. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be part of your team over the past 2 months. I am delighted that my professional career has started here. I arrived in Ruse for one single purpose: to acquire skills and experience. At the end of my internship, what I gathered was much more than what I had predicted. Apart from knowledge and know-how, I will take a lot of memories, valuable lessons for life and work, good acquaintances and friendships. But the man I met most closely with, was me. I found things for myself that I could not do anywhere else. Now I am headed proudly with what I have achieved – a dream. I leave unfinished things behind, but 2 months are too little to do everything, and other duties call me.
I hope that after I leave this building, there will be nice memories behind me. I hope I’ve been useful to your business and have managed to leave a positive impression. I want to end this letter by wishing you to go head-to-head, to continue doing what you do, with desire and a sense of duty. Be healthy and happy on the way you go!”

Your colleague and friend: Zahari Kolev

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