Rosen Daskalov presented the Road Safety Project at the FIA Congress in Vienna

After a detailed discussion of the situation on the roads in Europe and the world with FIA President Jean Todd this summer, it was concluded that radical measures must be taken.

According to Road & Safety, FIA’s strategy and the conversation with Jean Todt, the idea of filling the space in the educational system in Europe and the world, with the so-called “Road Safety and Culture Program” which includes the introduction of a mandatory subject in the Driving and Driving Safety students’ program, which will help the new generation to integrate more easily into road traffic. In addition to the theory at school, practical training will be applied to all disciplines of existing or newly built polygons, together with private business. According to teen’s needs, practical exercises will include pedestrian safety, bicycle, moped and karting, as well as initial driving training as a final phase of the learning process. At the FIA Congress in December 2017, which took place in Vienna, Rosen Daskalov handed the project personally to Jean Todt and officially presented it to all participants in the Central European Zone.