SIN CARS and Romanian representatives signed an agreement for the next stage of the procedure for the construction of the new production factory in Giurgiu, Romania


On October 19, 2022, the president of Giurgiu County Council – Mr. Dumitru Beianu, the Mayor of Giurgiu – Mr. Adrian Angelescu, Prof. Arch. Tiberiu Florescu PhD – President of the Romanian Register of Urban Planners, and other representatives from the Romanian State visited the “Research and Development Center” of SIN CARS in the city of Ruse. The purpose of the visit was to clarify the details of the lease of the land for the construction of the new SIN CARS factory on the territory of Giurgiu, Romania.

The opinions made by the municipality about the terrain and the geodetic surveys confirmed the investment intentions. In this regard, an agreement was signed for the next stage of the procedure until the completion of the design and obtaining a Building Permit for the new production factory.