SIN CARS announces its plans for expansion in European and global markets

The passion for cars and motor sports is something you have to carry within yourself. Starting from a dream – to make a  super car, going through the passion for racing and the struggle for victory, we came to the project “SIN CARS” as a business venture.

It is difficult to achieve and rare to be able to turn knowledge and direct your energy from a certain area into a successful and profitable business. Given that Bulgaria has no traditions and experience in the field of motorsport at a high level, we managed to create a car competitive with world brands. Our sports car has GT4 homologation, and SIN CARS  has received European approval for a car manufacturer. With our participation in the GT4 Championship and stepping on 3 continents, now – eight years later SIN CARS  ranks among the most recognizable names in the automotive industry worldwide. And now we continue to win (victory in the GT Open championship in Australia less than a month ago) among the biggest names in the automotive industry.

We transferred the accumulated experience in the production of racing and sport cars to the creation of a more environment product. In 2018, the company took a new direction with the design and development of a multifunctional urban platform L CITY, aimed at expanding the market share of electric vehicles and environmental protection. Urbanization in large cities is leading to a growing need for a “GREEN” traffic system, especially in central urban areas.

In order to properly implement our plans to establish the European car brand L CITY for electric vehicles, we chose the opportunity to use our German company, based in Munich in business combination with SIN CARS to represent the business and perform the final assembly of our electric cars. L CITY Automotive GmbH will also take care of the realization of the European and world market. The organization of the final assembly in Germany will give us access to the entire European market and more opportunities to deploy our marketing strategy in Europe and around the world. Our goal is to position the company strategically, which will provide more opportunities for potential partners and suppliers, as well as opportunities to build other assembly points and micro factories in  UK and USA. On the other hand, Bulgaria plays a key role in our plans, namely in the development of the main production of chassis, suspension,  body parts and production of batteries for electric vehicles L CITY. In our factory in Ruse, Bulgaria  in addition to our R&D center, we have already started the construction of the lines for welding the chassis and production of the compartment and body parts from composite materials. Bulgaria is not only our  home country –have the best flat rate 10%  tax policy for business in Europe, but also with over 170 mainly German companies producing parts and components for the automotive industry. We hope to find partners and subcontractors for most of our parts and components for L CITY electric cars in our homeland. With plans to reach 20,000 cars per year over the next few years, depending from the market situation, we can contribute to a significant change in the business environment affected by the crisis in conventional car production. We chose Germany as potentially the best assembly point not only because our numerous suppliers hence the logistical advantage, and also because of the position of our company in the heart of the Bavarian automotive industry. The presence of traditions, knowledge and skilled labor has given us unique opportunities for rapid development and sales of  L CITY electric vehicles not only in Germany but also throughout the  whole European Union.

The company’s goal is to produce the chassis with all components in assembled form and then be transported to Munich, where the final assembly will take place – starting with the production of small series of electric vehicles and planned step by step expansion of production capacity.