SIN CARS’ long-term plans for the development of production

At a special event celebrating the launch of the newly built production line in the R&D center of SIN CARS in Ruse the long-term plans for the development of production both in Bulgaria and in Romania were announced.
The efforts to improve the work processes continue, with the aim of reaching maximum efficiency and speed, and an order for over 400 L CITY’s for the Dutch market alone has been placed for next year.
The proven production methods in the R&D center in Ruse will be implemented in the new factory in the city of Giurgiu, Romania. The land, chosen along with the municipality of Giurgiu, is located on the border between Bulgaria and Romania – on a main road connecting Europe and Asia.
Along with improving the processes, the development of the upcoming models also begins, the first of which will be the L CITY Courier (up to 3.5 t), followed by a closed and an open passenger model.
To complete the range of the smallest light-duty trucks, the use of the entire platform (up to 2000 kg total weight) with electric drive train has been contracted and provided to us by a major European car manufacturer. This will save a lot in terms of development time and costs. On the finished platform, the systems, car body and components, already created by SIN CARS will be built in, following the set direction of development and mobility solutions for the urban environment. This will allow the production capacity to be increased several times, and by 2030 the goal is to deliver 100 cars per shift – or about 100,000 cars on an annual basis. If the set goals are met, the revenue will exceed 5 billion euros per year.