Solar energy from Valoe Oyj for cleaner transport

SIN CARS INDUSTRY JSC and Valoe Oyj signed an Agreement for development, prototyping and mass production of an integrated photovoltaic system, which will be used for light commercial electric vehicles L CITY.

Sin Cars and L CITY Automotive GmbH are preparing to put 20,000 vehicles into operation by 2026. The total value of the first phase of the Agreement is estimated at around 60,000 euros. The agreed price of the photovoltaic system for one electric car, at the stage of mass production is in the range of 2000 to 4000 euros and will depend on the model of the vehicle.

“At SIN CARS we are really happy to start our collaboration with Valoe. Valoe panels will give L CITY electric vehicles the advantage of greater mileage, as well as complement their appearance in harmony with the overall aesthetics of the design, “said the CEO of SIN CARS – Rosen Daskalov.

“We at Valoe are excited to have been selected as a technology partner for the creation of the electric L CITY. This partnership is in line with Valoe’s strategy to provide solar energy for urban transport services, “said Ijka Savisalo, CEO of Valoe Oyj.

The mission of SIN CARS is to create the most advanced vehicle. Combining vast experience in motorsport and innovative technologies, the L CITY electric vehicle is built on a multifunctional platform for electric vehicles to be used in the transport of people and goods in urban environments.

SIN CARS also has a representative office in Munich, Germany. Its R&D center and testing laboratory are located in Ruse, Bulgaria. A factory for assembling electric cars is being built near Munich, which will start operating in 2022.

Information can be found on the Valoe Oyj website: