Adrenalin and experience for the pilots of Sofia Car Motorsport in Serres

On 2nd and 3rd of March the latest tests were held by Sofia Car Motorsport team, in part of preparation of the team and the car SIN R1 for GT4 European series , which start in the beginning of April.
The tests were very useful for both pilots and mechanics.
Sascha Fassbender, CEO of ZAKSPEED and Formula 1 participant, was a consultant of the motorsport teams’ tests.
His assessment of the car was very positive and he said the SIN R1 has greater potential than the GT4 series.
During the all-day tests the car showed very good stability in series of 20-30 minute runs.
A pilot’s mistake led to a hit and the car rotated on a quick turn after hitting the side wall with 150 kmh. Fortunately, the pilot was unharmed, the damage to the car is repairable and the team is currently working on preparation for the next test.
All pilots showed very good performance during the tests, but they also need more hours in the car.
In the motorsport industry, even the smallest error is essential, as this is an area which reaches the top of human abilities.
“We drew the maximum benefit to the behavior of the car due to the accident and tests as a whole.” said Rosen Daskalov.
The next test of the team is scheduled for the next week.