From Geneva to Geneva – one year later…

Thierry Amart, our first customer and partner, is sharing with us his experiences of this last year, aboard the SIN R1.
Thierry, can you tell us this circuit between the Geneva MotorShow 2016 and that one coming 2017?

” The adventure began to GoodWood in England. During a run on the famous “Hillclimb” with Rosen Daskalov. I fell in love for this adventure. Just 6 months having placed order, I take delivery of my SIN R1 directly on the stand of SIN cars, at Geneva, under the admiring eyes of the visitors.
This chassis number 1 accompanied me over 1 year trip, 17 000 km travelled under the rain and the sun, in the daytime and at night, on the Circuit of Nogaro until the green hell in Nürburgring (7 runs of the big loop), 1 Rally, 1 exhibition on the F1 circuit of Monaco, and many delighted passengers.”
What about your first felling when you turned on yourself the engine?
” The first kilometres were more than careful. Although the car is very frank, the wisdom was appropriate. The information goes back perfectly to the pilot. We rather fast become aware of potential, to discover. You are fast serene in driving it. ”
After these quiet debuts, you titillated the beast?
” Yes, of course. Once the marks registered, it’s an immense pleasure which waits for you. You cannot disregard any more. You are as bewitched, by this V8 6.2l which roared just behind you, asking to propel you. This phase is a criticism because you in confidence, but you haven’t handle totally this supercar. The reason why unfortunately, I made a nice 360 ° drift on the circuit of Nogaro, without damage. ”
The driver assistances, did they help you?
” At the beginning yes. But today, it’s been quite a while since I drive without traction control.
You know what pushed me towards SIN cars is the pure driving, no assistance, no computer, minimum of electronics. It is you who drive, and not the car. It’s like a big go-kart”
You were more than 17000 km, your feeling?
” Yes it’s huge distance done, and some of trip was as endurance race. The longest ones was to go to a Rally in Germany. I made 11:30 travel to go, the next day 400km of rally, and after that 12:30 to go back. And you know what, this car is amazing. I waited for the SIN R1 on its power, its grip, but where it had fully surprised me, it’s comfort. You are driving a racing car GT4 (street legal version), making the 24h of LeMans, and you are installed as well as in a luxury sedan …..with the V8 sound in addition.
What said people that you met?
” It is simple, this car pleases enormously. You can go where you want, everybody will stop, will take photos, and will remain admiring by looking at it. The most paradoxical are that you will have the same phenomenon if you park next to others greats supercars as McLaren, Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Jaguar. This car is a big magnet. ”
What do you think about the SIN R1?
” I am anxious to congratulate Rosen Daskalov, and the team to have developed this street legal version from the SIN R1 GT4.
We have the gene of the GT4 in a European approved road car. The SIN can be rough, bestial but also docile when appropriate. This machine is efficient. It takes flat corners, takes the drift without surprising. Everyone who are getting sick of assisted cars, who want to come back to the fundamental, the SIN R1 is the ideal solution. You are almost as in a VIP Kart. I preferred the manual gearbox, even if the sequential gearbox is proposed. This choice increase this physical relation which binds you to the car, a pure pleasure”
To conclude, in one word, what you want to tell us?
“What a fantastic machine………. What a machine!!!”