SIN CARS with two new models in Geneva 2018

SIN CARS presents two new models in Geneva International Motorshow between 8 and 18th of March.
SIN S1 is a revolutionary and versatile car with a racing and street version that can be personally designed by its future owner!Starting with choosing a chassis, you can design it both as an open cabriolet or a fully-equipped closed coupe with air conditioning, power windows and exquisite interior to suit even the most demanding drivers. You can also choose a combination of both. You choose the characteristics, the level of comfort and the style of the exterior. You can also choose the power train of your S1 – internal combustion engine in two versions: 2.3 liters of eco boost, 310 hp. or 3.5 liters, 365 hp, the second power train option is a Plug-in hybrid system or a fully electric car with a 120 volt battery with a starting power of 24 kW / h and 120 hp. of the electric motor that gives you a 200 km run per charge. You choose the style of the cabin, starting from an open sports car, to which you can add components and ” close ” the body. The modular design of the car allows you to update or change its design for the entire life of the vehicle.
As for the well-known street model of Sin Cars – the Sin R1 550 – the emotion of driving this car powered by a naturally aspired V8 engine is an exciting pleasure that ca

nnot be felt in the crowded streets of modern cities. To tackle this issue, SIN CARS introduces an urban plug-in hybrid system that allows you to drive 60 kilometers on pure electricity at a top speed of 100 km / h – pollution free with the full power behind when you are on the open road. In detail, the hybrid version of the Sin R1 550 has a battery capacity of: 100Ah, voltage of 120V and 12kWh power. The electric motor has a maximum voltage of 132V, rated torque: 235 Nm, rated power: 120 hp. at 8000 Nm of revolution. The middle mounted 7-liter engine is 550 hp. at 6500 rpm and 637 Nm of maximum torque, acceleration from 0 to 100 in 3.5 seconds and top speed of over 300 km / h. The total engine power is over 570 hp. and total torque of 872 N / m, the weight of the car is 1480kg, which is slightly heavier than the weight without a hybrid system because of the battery and the electric motor that add an extra 180kg.

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