SIN CARS closes the racing season at the Overdrive Lap Battle Weekend at the Serres circuit in Greece

A special guest of the team was the professional German driver Moritz Kranz who tested the new SIN R1 VTX racing car. Moritz’s racing career began with a go-kart in 2002 and with an automobil in 2012. In 2017, Kranz had 6 wins, 3 second places, 7 fastest laps and 6 first places in the VLN (Champion Porsche Cayman GT4 Trophy by Manthey-Racing), three wins and two second places in the VLN (SP10 SRO GT4 class). Here’s what he said about the Serres circuit and the SIN R1 GT4: Serres is a technical track. I’m personally used to long tracks, but Serres has some tricks you need to learn if you want to be quick. I really enjoyed driving SIN R1 GT4 on this track. The car is very ‘honest’. It gives feedback to the pilot about what is happening and would not make an unpleasant surprise. It is very stable during braking and is easy to drive on the limit, which is good as it would be easy for the gentleman pilots to go fast.” On the first day of the event, the SIN CARS bolid made the fastest lap of the track – 1:20:390, with Moritz Kranz behind the wheel and Ivan’s best time was 1:20:850, which Moritz commented in the following way: “He did very well. As far as I know, Ivan has not competed for a long time, and what I saw really impressed me. He is very talented and has the chance to get very far into motorsport. As for the team “Sofia Car Motorsport”, for me this is a very good team of professionals. The guys welcomed me very warmly and when I gave feedback about the behavior of the car, they listened to me carefully and made the necessary changes.”
For the first time, SIN CARS presents the SIN R1 VTX racing car, which premiere was in America this summer. The car has two seats, which allows training, riding and testing of the car by two people. We will also show the SIN R1 GT4 to the most exclusive sports community in Bulgaria. The car that won 5 podiums from 6 races with Ivan Vlachkov behind the wheel. The lovers of the SIN R1 550 were able to get a ride with Mr. Rosen Daskalov, the creator of SIN CARS.