Great interest for Sin R1 in Pfeff Rally and Großglockner – Gipfelstürmer Rally


Very interesting events for the test road car Sin R1 in Germany and Austria spotted this week.

Sin R1 took part in two amazing events – Pfeff Rally (Germany) and Großglockner – Gipfelstürmer Rally (Austria), where some of the best supercars met for a lot of adrenaline and high speed experience.
Großglockner – Gipfelstürmer Rally takes place in Großglockner – mountain route connecting two Austrian states Salzburg and Kärnten. The route is very exclusive with length 350 km, a real challenge for supercar driver’s skills. The rally starts at Raubling in the morning, the top highlight is reached around noon – Großglockner Edelweissspitze – 2571 m and finishes at Hotel Feuriger Tatzlwurm – first acceleration, then deceleration.

The other rally – Pfeff Rally is also very interesting and compelling event which gathers at one place around 100 supercars – 20 Lambos ,17 Ferrari, 35 Porsches and 20 R8s. Sin R1 was highly estimated by the attendants and a lot of people were fascinated as it fits perfectly among the best supercars in the world.


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