SIN R1 RS made its debut in “Pista Ruse” 2015

The biggest attraction on “Pista Ruse” 2015, the supercar SIN R1 RS, made its debut for the first time in Bulgaria. Motorsport fans got the chance to ride in it via a “ring taxi”. There were so many people who wanted to try the SIN that the time between the rounds wasn’t enough for Rosen Daskalov to give them all a ride. “People who rode in the car reacted very emotionally, even professional drivers. The car has a unique grip, with Michelin PilotSport 2 tires that are designed for street use. During the race we used SIN R1 RS for a safety car and thus we were able to test the car in race conditions in very hot weather. ”

This week the racing model of Sin Cars, SIN R1 GT4 and Sofia Car Motorsport team will compete in the third and fourth round of the European GT4 series at Circuit Park Zandvoort, Netherlands. They will compete with at least 30 pilots and six brands – Aston Martin, BMW, Chevrolet, KTM, Lotus and Porsche. You can watch the team compete in the championship live on May 23 and 24th.