Discover the future of cars at the 89th Geneva International Motor Show from 7th to 17th of March!

We will be presenting our electric vision with the new L City small city car project. We’ll also unveil the monstrous SIN R1 650!


L City – your business partner!


‘’Efficient transport and mobility, based on a balanced mix of public and private transport and dependent on the characteristics of each city, is and will continue to be the backbone of cities’ growth and competitiveness.’’

European Commission,  topic LC-GV-05-2019


L City is a multifunctional platform upon which different variants can be built up making it effective in all areas of business such as:


  • Private sector – transport companies with logistic and delivery services;
  • Public sector – police, municipalities, government structures – ministries, agencies;
  • Private citizens – anyone, who needs to be mobile in the city.


One of the leading goals in creating the L city project is engaging in the cause of protecting the environment, reducing urban emissions and creating a healthier living environment. As electromobiles are the future of the automotive industry, the Sin Cars project is based on the concept of an easy-to-use, environment-friendly and easy-to-produce vehicle. Urbanization in major cities is leading to a growing need to create a ‘green’ traffic system in central city areas to facilitate goods transport, logistics and courier services that will be directly affected by traffic restrictions of vehicles with ICE in these areas.


The L City platform comes with a set of advantages:


  • Environment friendly & Recyclable
  • Self-drive a.k.a drive by wire possibility


  • Multifunctional – the versatile L City considers every way you may want to use your vehicle with as many configuration options as you need.


  • Battery Swap – this systems allows the usage of the carup to 24 hours.


  • Easy to use – Hop-n-Go simplified driving.


  • Boosts your efficiency.Lowers your costs – no more spending money on petrol, transmission services or oil changes if you go 100% electric.


The next step we plan is to go public to finance expansion into the electric vehicle market.We seek to raise about 20 million lev ($11.7 million) in an initial public offering on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.


The next step will be to create a high-tech factory with 200 employees with a production line for the cars manufacturing. The optimized production process will allow quick and easy assembly of the different platform variants using standard materials. The L-City production line isdesigned with an annual capacity of 20,000 vehicles that will target the European market. The start of series production is planned for 2020. All the main components will be delivered by the famous O.E.M. Manufacturers from the automotive world. The body parts will be made in Switzerland/Germany. The spaceframe and chassis parts will be produced in Bulgaria. Except the full assembly of the platform we will also assemble battery management systems in our own facility.



We are looking forward to seeing you!