Exciting competition for Sofia Car Motorsport at Brands Hatch

Sofia Car Motorsport started the competition at Brands Hatch (England) with penalties even before the general training, due to violations of the team and the pilots. Eduard Anton was punished with 10 positions and Bianca Anton – with 5 positions, but despite this they had great performance in the qualifying sessions and till the end of the competition.
Despite the penalties and due to the fact that other pilots also had penalties, Edi Anton started with poll position in AM (amateur class) in the first race and Bianca was 4th in the class, which was great performance concerning the less experience she has.
In the first competition on Sunday (7th of May), Eduard Anton had great performance in the first part of the race, but right before the change of the pilots there was a spun after contact with Nissan 370z GT4 #24. Before that he was 8th in the general ranking and first in AM class. In the remaining laps the goal was to keep the positions, but another pilots’ mistake led to side collision with Aston Martin Vantage GT4 # 62 and Sin R1 GT4 didn’t manage to finish the race.
In the second competition Bianca Anton was perfect, starting from pre-last row, with 2 seconds less time difference per lap, she managed to keep distance of 20 seconds from the first in the group. Safety car on the track right before the change of the pilots led to shortening of the distance almost to zero and gave perfect opportunity to the second pilot to fight for the first place in the class. After changing of the pilots, Eduard Anton was at 4th position. For two laps he overtook three of his competitors and was at 2nd position. His ambition to overtake the car in front of him, pilot mistake – coming over from the turn with 200 km/per hour he went into safety zone and there were serious damages to the car and was impossible to finish the race.
Maserati GranTurismo MC GT4 # 77, which was competing for first position in the class, failed after few laps and Sofia Car Motorsport lost undoubted first position in the second race.
Brands Hatch is one of the most difficult tracks not only in England but also worldwide and this was seen in one of the best pilots. The lack of opportunity for regular tests makes the track serious challenge even for the most popular names in motorsport.
Sofia Car Motorsport team will do its best to prepare better for the next competition at Red Bull Ring on 10-11th of June.