SIN CARS new road car debut in Geneva Motorshow 2016

After the successful Racing debut of the FIA homologated – SIN R1 GT4 racing cars and the many top positions won in 2015, all fingers are crossed again for season 2016, but not only in Europe.
The success story has been told on and crossed the atlantic. Our racing cars are now participating in the Pirelli World Challenge Championship in the USA as well and achieved a pole position In training at the very first event.

Following our motto “From racing to the road”, we are now proud to present our new and latest development, the Sin R1 road car at the Geneva International Motorshow.

The original thoughts around a road car have lead to substantial tests and a completely new developed car. It was done with a new ambition to deliver a product comparable to the big sportscar names but with a higher degree ot authenticity and true relationship to the racing cars.

The result is a vehicle with a degree of similarity to the previous prototypes but having gone back to the drawing board , starting from scratch. Meticulous detailed work and engineering excellence, with over € 5 Mio. spent on this development, have lead to this completely new car.

Based on the 5 years of development and racing experience, step by step, we reached the level of performance and quality that is comparable or even better than most of the famous super car manufacturers in the world.

Starting with the body – the first SIN prototypes and testing cars were produced from GRP fiber glass which now under the road car re-development for reasons of strength weight and rigidity have become a complete carbon car around the space frame. Cockpit, body and interior parts are of carbon, made in our own factory to the newest state of the art production methods and quality levels.
The basis of the car is -the homologated FIA racing space frame structure built from special cold drawn tubes T45. The standard version of the road car has the same weight like the racing car – 1250 kg. All carbon body elements are fitted to the frame like a tailored suit.

The engines in use are a range of engines starting from 430 up to 660 PS; power –to – weight ratio – from 2.9 to 1.9 kg/PS which gives the car an incredible performance in any road or track conditions. Combined with the new 10 fold adjustable traction control the car with its excellent mechanical grip can be driven with the greatest of ease through snow to the hottest of asphalts in the racing mode.

The engines we use are redeveloped by the SIN CAR factory based on solid state of the art 6.2 liter V8 with latest exhaust emission standards in order to have superb performance and reliability. The engines are equipped with a special design and built-in-house stainless steel / titan exhaust with an option for noise control for track use and sport sound for the road.

The Sin Car’s Gearbox – manufactured by Oerlikon Graziano (supplier of most of the famous gearboxes for supercar brands) and tuned especially for SIN CARS by an Italian gearbox supercar tuner. Optionally, racing sequential paddle shift gearbox or semi – automatic gearbox can be integrated.

A significant point in the development of the suspension, in 2015, was the start of our cooperation with the famous shock absorber manufacturer – Ohlins. We first implemented the new shock absorbers into the racing cars and after tedious testing and testing many different set-ups and adjustments we transferred our knowledge to the road cars. The basic version of the road car comes with Ohlins one – way adjustable shock absorbers, but also racing GT4 two- way adjustable shock absorbers are an option.
Exceptional suspension – with the development of the wishbone pushrod rocker system (similar to F1). A fascinating option is the hydraulic lifting system with up to 40 mm increase in riding height and ground clearance up to 60km/h.
Brakes – for the entire brake system we rely on one of the most famous manufacturers in the world – AP Racing. Built especially for SIN CARS – 360 mm disks and six pistons calipers – very similar to those of the racing car. The news on the brake system is the BOSCH ABS which has been developed with BOSCH Engineering – Germany for the Sin R1.

Coming to the wheels – 9 x 19“ front and 11 x 19“ rear, built by a famous Italian wheel manufacturer. 20“ option can be offered as well.

Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2, front 245/35/19 and rear 305/30/19 are tires which give the best control and stability for road and track.

SIN R1 comes with a brand new Can-Bus wiring loom, custom built for our car with one very important component – the Power Module. It replaces all existing relays and fuses in the car and it also gives information for the power supply of every single component increasing performances and reducing weight.

We have thought about the driver`s behalf as well, that is why we integrated a luggage compartment into the front crash structure of the car.

As a special safety feature, the car is also equipped with a carbon honeycomb side high energy impact protection panel which is also used for the race car.

Sin Car stands for Individuality and exclusivity –this is furter underlined by giving the customer the opportunity to choose from a wide range of paint, visual carbon parts, different interior combinations such as leather, alcantara or/and carbon fiber.

Aerodynamic performance of the car, is a masterpiece the design of the body improves the down force significantly with increase of speed. Front splitter, flat floor and electronically controlled adjustable rear wing makes at 100 mph/h 400 kg downforce with a 46% / 54% relationship on the front/rear axle. These figures and weight distribution of 38/62 on front / rear axle gives the car perfect balance in low and high speed.

A big variety of additional features and extras can be added to assure the demand for exclusivity is achieved of even the most pretentious customers in the world.

For the racing and track days enthusiasts we have prepared the SIN R1 RS which comes from our GT4 homologated race cars. With curb weight of less than 1200 kg. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in below 3.0 seconds; SIN R1 RS gives you an incredible track performance.

Prices of the new and latest production version of SIN R1 road car, already in production, starts from 145 000 pounds excl.VAT.

For the race lovers – price of SIN R1 GT4 racing car can be applied for at SIN CARS and will depend on racing specification.