SIN CARS News Bulletin, issue No.2


26.07.2021г., Русе SIN CARS Newsletter, No.2    

Today we will show you the development of our digital solutions in the process of creating L CITY.

L CITY digital dashboard

The instrument cluster is the element that characterizes the car as a whole. It is through it that the user receives the complete information about the state and condition of the car. Using the experience we have from our SIN CARS sports cars, we have created a digital information display that, in addition to functionality, brings emotion and mood when using it. The hardware and software are developed entirely by our team, together with a leading Bulgarian company. Through it, the driver will have access to information about the car such as speed, distance traveled, driving mode, power consumption, temperature, battery voltage, charging through solar panels, available battery charge.

(L CITY instrument cluster)  

Power module

The other important component is the power module. It is borrowed directly from motor sports and is a compact and efficient replacement for the fuse box and relays. Video with more information about the dashboard and the power module can be seen here.

(Photo of the power module)

The battery

The main and extremely important element for any electric car is the battery. Its purpose is to store the energy that will be used for the propulsion and functions of the car. The L CITY battery is made according to our design and construction. Although it was created to be built into the L CITY platform, it can also be delivered to other companies through our B2B system. Video with more information about the battery and the module can be seen here.

(Photo of the battery during assembly)  

(Photo of the battery during assembly)  

B2B capabilities

The strategy of SIN CARS is to develop products, systems and components of the overall architecture of the car’s electrical and electronic system (such as dashboard, power module, climate control module, cloud-based vehicle monitoring system, unlocking and locking via mobile phone application, etc.), which can then be offered to other manufacturers from the automotive industry. Since we have made these elements for our electric car, we have placed them in it, we have tested them, we have the know-how for their high-quality production, we will be able to easily modify them and offer them to other companies, giving them the opportunity to save time and money on the development and production of such elements. And for us this will be an opportunity for additional sales and revenue.
With wishes for health, wonderful summer and bold dreams!