Sin R1 visiting Dutch royal family Van Oranje

The road and racing car Sin R1 participated in presentation, organized by the Dutch Royal family Van Oranje on the Zandvoort track.
The two Sin R1 cars were invited on the Zandvoort track, 20 km from Amsterdam was made a presentation of the new racing season 2016 of the Dutch royal family Van Oranje.
The presentation of the sponsors and racing calendar for 2016 included and the two Sin R1. The guests of the event had the opportunity to feel the power of both cars – racing and road version.
Peter Christian Van-Oranje was one of “Sofia Car Motorsport” pilots of Sin R1 GT4 in season 2015, who participated in two of the competition and was very satisfied by the car. His brother, Prince Bernard van Oranje was also guest of the presentation and had the pleasure to drive Sin R1.