Sofia Car Motorsport held final tests before the competition in Nogaro

Sofia Car Motorsport held the latest tests on Serres circuit with SIN R1 GT.

Special consultants during the tests were engineer Fred Davies from England, who is a major contributor in the creation of the car and Hendrik Still, test pilot for McLaren and pilot of Aston Martin in VNL Championship in Germany. Hendrik Still also lives not far from the legendary racetrack Nurburgring.

“They were a great team and managed to set the car in the best way.” explained Rosen Daskalov.

During the time he wasn’t testing the car himself, Hendrik Still was training the pilots. There used special electronic system with camera, GPS and analysis of the track, which show the differences between the driving of the pilots.

He made a comprehensive analysis of the track and driving, showed their mistakes and how to avoid them.

Due to the collaboration between pilots, mechanics, Fred Davies and Hendrik Stihl the results from the second day of tests were much better than the first. The differences between Hendrik Stihl and Sofia Car Motorsports’ times were significantly reduced. The pilots showed very great progress thanks to the recommendations of the German pilot.

Currently, Fred Davis and the team are negotiating to continue cooperation with Hendrick Stihl and the Championship GT4.

“After this test, we believe that the drivers are good enough to start the championship and the next challenge for the team will be on track at Nogaro on 4-6 of April.” said Rosen Daskalov.