Final round of European GT4 series – race at NÜRBURGRING

This weekend Nurburgring welcomes the European GT4 Series for the 6th round of season 2017. Behind the wheel of Sin R1 GT4 once again will be the Bulgarian pilot Ivan Vlackov.
The track also known as The Green Hell, which appellation was given from the Formula 1 racing driver Jackie Stewart. Nurburgring is quite different from the other racing tracks. Having in mind that it was built when safety and motorsport were opposites, it is one of the most difficult tracks with a big length of 24 kilometers which makes it hard to learn.
It would be a huge challange for the young pilot Ivan Vlachkov and the team of Sofia Car Motorsport, as this is Ivan’s third GT4 competition.
We wish them good luck and successful mastering of The Green Hell!
Don’t miss the free practice sessions on Friday от 13:20 and 17:50 (Bulgarian time). Qualifying sessions will be on Saturday at 12:45 (Bulgarian time). Race 1 starts at 17:55 (Bulgarian time) on Saturday and Race 2 – 12:00 (Bulgarian time) on Sunday.