Sin Cars develops Sin R1 GT4 for GT4 European Series

SIN R1 GT4 Series at Autosport 2015

Sin Cars has revealed its GT4 racer at the prestigious Autosport International in Birmingham. The motorsport firm intends to participate in the 2015 GT4 European Series with its own team and is able to build customer cars as well.

The Sin R1 GT4 sports vehicle has been designed in Bulgaria and production takes place in the United Kingdom in cooperation with Proformance Metals and Track Sport Europe. The GT4 operation will be run from Ingolstadt in Germany.
h and development have resulted in the Sin R1 GT4. “There is no other car on the market like this one,” Daskalov knows. “I was looking for the best racing car for many years. I have worked on many performance cars for the road, but
Rosen Daskalov is the General Director of Sin Cars UK and initiator of the Sin Cars project. Years of researc I was never satisfied. Either the high costs for the car and maintenance, nor the level of performance was what I’ve dreamed of.”

Daskalov believes he and his crew have found the perfect match between racing and road car development. The car shown in Birmingham weighs 1200kg and the LS3 engine provides 360hp. “Our philosophy is to build a cost effective racing car that meets the concept of the GT4 European Series,” he emphasises.

A Bulgarian team is being setup to prepare the 2015 season. “This championship became very famous and therefore we want to participate with two or four drivers,” Daskalov says. In addition he desires to help develop the Bulgarian motorsport. “Currently we are recruiting mechanics and drivers for the team. First tests and interviews are scheduled on the 26th of January at the Serres Racing Circuit in Greece. We invite all drivers and potential clients to come over and test our road and racing car.”

The R1 road car costs 60.000 pounds excl. VAT (about 79.000 euro). As Sin Cars is able to assemble GT4 customer cars, pricing starts at 70.000 pounds excl. VAT (about 92.000 euro) with basic level of equipment. The homologated car for GT4 European Series including paddle shift, traction control, MOTEC M800 / C125 and BOSCH ABS M4 Kit will cost 85.000 pounds excl. VAT (about 112.000 euro).

Full specifications is pending due official FIA homologation which the team expects to receive shortly as the Sin R1 GT4 has been purpose built to suit the GT4 rulebook.