SIN R1 is getting ready for the GT3 Open series

The Italian racing team Antonelli Motorsport are on the final stage of completing the SIN R1 racing vehicle for GT3 Open series racing. The project started some years ago, but it was interrupted due to the COVID-19 crisis, which had a negative effect on the automotive racing.
Antonelli Motorsport have done a complete overhaul of the car. They have worked on the aerodynamics, the weight as well as the driver’s position and comfort in the cockpit. Many elements have been reinforced and have had their weight reduced, in order to optimize the performance of the R1.
We are expecting and hopeful to see the completed vehicle this year on the racing tracks in Europe and the rest of the world.
The aim of this venture is to have these customer racing cars finally assembled in Italy.


SIN R1 is a racing car, proven it is capable on the GT4 tracks on 3 continents – Europe, North America and Australia (15+ first places, 22+ pole positions, 29+ podiums).

Antonelli Motorsport is a racing team, founded by Marco Antonelli in 1993. They have many successful performances and first places in different racing classes and cups: Porsche Carrera Cup Italia, Italian GT3 Cup, SuperSports Cup, Italian GT and hillclimbing.

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