Sofia Car Motorsport finished second successful season in European GT4 series

Season 2106 was very successful for Sin R1 GT4 and Sin Cars. The racing car of Sin Cars participated for second season in European GT4 series with Sofia Car Motorsport team.

European GT4 Series started on 22-24-th of April at Monza, Italy. Behind the wheel of Sin R1 GT4 were Andreas Guelden (AM) and Hendrik Still (PRO). After the best lap times in the free practice and the pole positions in the qualifications for the first race of the GT4 series, Sofia Car Motorsport and Mathol Racing started the competition with a penalty of 15 seconds additional time in the pits, during driver’s change, and 65kg ballast weight. This resulted to 2nd place in the first race on Saturday. Andreas Guelden ran the white line on the way out of the pits and this led to time additional 30 seconds and the team moved back to 8th position.

The second round was at Pau, France – 13-15th of May. After challenging battle the pilots of Sofia Car Motorsport moved with 9 positions form the 16-th position they started from and took 7-th position in the final rating. Hendrik Still and Andreas Guelden showed that the car has great potential, despite of the restrictions and additional ballast, finding place in the top ten. The narrow circuit in Pau was big challenge for the pilots and their cars as the rain during the free practices and the first race made the task even more difficult.

Michael Epps and Hendrik Still were the pilots of Sofia Car Motorsport in the third round in the endurance race at Silverstone, England (10-12-th of June). Sin R1 GT4 didn’t manage to finish the 3- hour’s race. The British pilot Michael Epps was very fast, but he turned and lost the good pace. After the changing of the pilots with the German pilot Hendrik Still, the car of “Sofia Car Motorsport” was hit and due to distortion of the suspension didn’t finish the race.

The race at Spa (8-10th of July) was very dramatic for Sofia Car Motorsport. During the free practice sessions on the first day Sin R1 GT4 engine exploded it was impossible for the white Sin R1 GT4 to continue the race. GT4 Management permitted the spare yellow SIN R1 to replace the damaged one, but due to lack of time Sofia Car Motorsport wasn’t able to take part in the qualifying sessions so the pilots Pieter Christiaan van Oranje and Tim Coronel started from last position. Only few hours before the race from Sofia Car Motorsport announced that the team management has taken the decision to move the engine of the yellow Sin R1 GT4 to the white one for optimum performance of the race car. After the start though Sin R1 GT4 crashed with another car and wasn’t able to finish the race.

Last but one round of the season at Hungaroring, Hungary was at 23-25th of September. The pilots Sergiu-George Nicolae and Christopher Chadwick made great performance in both races of the round although they didn’t have much time for practice. In the first race Sin R1 GT4 took 4-th place and showed that in the second one the performance will be even better. The second race was more successful and both pilots were on the podium with the honorable second place.

The great season finale was at Zandvoort, Holland – 7-9th of October, where Sofia Car Motorsport left with two podiums – third place in the first race and second place in the second race. Young Romanian pilots Sergiu-George Nicolae and Eduard Anton finished very well one interesting and impressive season.